The desert invite…

Welcome to the great undoing.

The desert will find you.

It arrives on its own time despite your fantasies of how life should play out.

Surrender to the inevitable.

Beware it will strip you of what is not you.

Of what is serving you no more.

Of everything, you don’t need.

Away from all your hopes about what will make you happy.

Away from what makes you look strong, successful and in control.

Beyond the illusions of all your thinking and feeling.

You will meet yourself.

You will expand into a new way of BEING.

Your mind and heart will be opened beyond what you can imagine.

The desert will take you home…


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#kindness #gratitude #freedom

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One Comment

  1. Hi Renier

    Shoe dis so n pragtige stuk die… en dis die waarheid. Dis regtig egtig die waarheid.

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