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How did 2019 serve the story of your life? What plot are you choosing for 2020? I’m sure you’ve been through quite a variety of pleasant and unpleasant experiences this past year! In this post, I support you to get the lessons out of 2019 and clarity for framing your 2020 plot.

Closing the 2019 chapter

It is easy to get stuck in your mind on the things that didn’t work out. Maybe your business goals didn’t work out or you didn’t lose the weight. Whatever your scenario, your mind might be interpreting these events as you being a failure (or add whatever story your mind came up with). Fully acknowledge such negative stories and see that they don’t reflect your worth or who you are. 2019 is behind you and no matter how many times you recite any of them it will not change a thing.

Here are 3 questions for reflection to squeeze the fresh juice out of 2019:

  1. In what areas did you grow?
  2. What became crystal clear to you?
  3. What is the one thing that you want to do differently moving forward?


Framing 2020 

Is the plot of your life moving in a healthy direction? The new year is a new chapter to be written in the story of your life. No matter what you have done or left out in the past year, you now have a blank page in front of you. What is most important to you and your wellbeing? Remember no other person is going to prioritise what is best for you.

Here are 3 options for framing your inspiring 2020 plot.

  1. Keep it the same

You are currently happy in all areas of your life and only need to maintain them. If this is you I’d love to hear more about your life!

  1. Make adjustments

Although you are content with the general plot of your life there are some neglected areas that you need to address.

  1. Make a radical change

There are clearly a thing (or things) in your plot that is not healthy for you. Whether a business deal or a relationship, continuing the same plot will not be optimal for your wellbeing. You know as you read this that it is time for you to write a new plot that heads in a healthy direction.

What is calling you? What choice is right for you? For every choice, there will be people who will disagree with you or judge you. That’s life. You are worthy of choosing what is best for you.

The blank page is here. Every plot has its ups and downs. Enjoy the writing!

Lots of love,


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