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Renier Cronje
Transformational Coach
Qualified Professional Consciousness Coach & Enneagram Coach, MDiv & BTh (Stellenbosch University)

Being human can be tough, stressful & messy

Find your inner freedom

Red Heart

Let me gently guide you

Unhappy or burned out?

Need a nourishing recharge?

Want to deepen your growth journey?

What if there is nothing wrong with you?

What if there is nothing to judge?

What if you are enough just as you are?

Reflectioneer Coaching benefits

  • letting go of drama
  • more groundedness, joy and peace of mind
  • self-compassion & confidence
  • nurturing support for your healing journey
  • soulfulness & aliveness
  • enhanced resilience & EQ
  • relationship well-being
  • conscious leadership development
  • deepening your growth/spiritual journey

What is Inner Well-being?

Inner Well-being is a state of mental & emotional

freedom & resilience despite life’s challenges.

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Cultivating Inner Well-being

  • a caring approach bringing conscious attention to your life
  • practising to be fully present in this moment of life with an open, curious and kind attitude
  • mindfulness-based well-being that supports you to shift your relationship with all the “negative” thoughts and feelings you might be experiencing
  • a habit of self-love and self-care that makes room for the messiness and mystery of being human
  • a soulful way of connecting to depth and meaning in your life
  • an ongoing art that changes through the seasons of your life

Like a thriving garden, inner well-being is cultivated & nurtured over time.

Cultivating inner well-being is mostly not a heroic attempt to be your best self by achieving more and fixing all the things in your life.

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Renier discusses the Enneagram as a transformative tool

for relationship well-being