mindfulness coaching to transform your world

Here are my transformative mindfulness coaching offerings. What do you currently need most?

  1. cultivating mental resilience & healthy self-worth (6 sessions – R6900)
  2. nurturing support for burnout, mental health and/or a chronic health condition (6 sessions – R6900)
  3. conscious leadership development (6 sessions – R6900)
  4. spiritual mentoring with intellectual honesty (6 sessions – R6900)
  5. mindfulness & self-awareness jumpstart (3 sessions – R4200)

The journey of becoming more mindful never stop. Once you complete a package you have the option to continue with sessions to nurture your growth and sustainable well-being.

All above mindfulness coaching packages include:

  • the essence and simplicity of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation
  • cultivating radical self-love & self-care
  • self-awareness & emotional intelligence development
  • Enneagram personality assessment and report as a powerful long term map for your personal growth journey (let me know if you already have this)

What you are not aware you cannot manage and it limits your wisdom, clarity and contentment. 


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No matter what happened previously, this moment of life presents you with a fresh opportunity for new choices and actions:

1)  You can email me at renier@reflectioneer.com to book your free discovery call (15min). 

2)  Book your session.

3)  Start to enjoy more personal power, clarity and contentment.

Looking forward to guiding you on your journey!

Warm regards,

Renier Cronje

mindfulness & self-care coach

Consciousness Coaching Diploma | M.Div. (US) | Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner


Please note:

  • Reflectioneer Coaching does not replace any form of medical or psychological treatment.
  • The invitation of this moment is always to meet yourself with deep and unconditional kindness.