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Renier Cronje
Coach & Mentor for inner well-being
Qualified Professional Consciousness & Enneagram Coach, MDiv & BTh (Stellenbosch University)

From inner strain to

inner well-being.

Let me guide you...

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Renier Cronje
Coach & Mentor for inner well-being
Qualified Professional Consciousness & Enneagram Coach, MDiv & BTh (Stellenbosch University)

Let me help you transform the quality of your life.

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Reflectioneer Coaching services*

  • Self-care / self-love (yes – no matter what, you are worthy of self-love)
  • Mindfulness for mental & emotional well-being (yes – finding healing and relief from all the mental noise is indeed possible)
  • Meditation training (yes – you too can enjoy the benefits from meditation even if you think “I just can’t quiet my thoughts”)
  • Enneagram personality system assessments (yes – you can radically enhance your self-awareness for more well-being in your career, relationships and personal life)
  • Spirituality (yes – you can find meaning, connection and belonging irrespective of your worldview)
  • Mindful well-being for couples (yes – you can start a radical new chapter if both of you are willing)
  • Well-being support for cancer or chronic disease patients (yes – you can do what is within your control no matter how small and bring kindness and gentleness to your challenge)
  • Grief support (yes – you may have a mixture of emotions as you journey with your loss)

A minimum of 6 sessions over 3 months is recommended.

* Please note that Reflectioneer Coaching works complementary to other healing professions and does not replace any form of medical or psychological treatment.

inner well-being = making life your friend

(as opposed to constantly fighting and resisting what is)

Reflectioneer Coaching starting point

  • you already are whole & complete
  • you have the resilience & inner resources to cultivate what you need
  • you are the decision-maker & expert in your life

3 Reflectioneer Coaching healing pillars

  • mindfulness: connecting to a state of mind that is naturally open, curious & non-judgemental (instead of interpreting life through your stressed and judgemental thoughts and feelings)
  • self-love: choosing to be kind to yourself & doing what is within your control (to counter self-neglect and staying stuck as a victim)
  • self-awareness: know your patterns and triggers to consciously and pro-actively manage them in a kind and non-judgmental manner (versus getting lost in them and making your negative patterns your identity)

Enneagram assessments: Get your well-being map

Enneagram personality system

The Enneagram is a dynamic personality system functioning as a mirror for self-awareness and a map for personal and spiritual growth. Where most personality systems describe behaviour, the Enneagram reveals the motivational drive behind your habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and doing. It shows you what you need to be more mindful of for cultivating personal, relational and professional well-being.