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Remember who you are…

Remember who you are:
An intricate part of the flow of life…

Like the branch is already a part of the tree,
you already belong.
Nothing to do.
Nothing to believe.

Leaves come and go.
Flowers come and go.
Storms come and go.

Irrespective you remain a part of the tree.

Sometimes the branch forgets it is part of the tree. Thinking it is separate, inadequate and unworthy compared to all other life, the branch starts to have many stressful thoughts and feelings. As the branch believes these negative thoughts and feelings,
its dissatisfaction, frustration and unhappiness escalate…

Likewise however real this dissatisfaction, frustration or unhappiness feels, it is not the truth.
It does not reflect who you are.
No matter what you think
and what you feel.
No matter what happened in the past.
You are part of the Whole.
You already are an intricate part of life.
You are firmly rooted in life irrespective of what you are currently experiencing.

This moment is calling you to rest in remembering that you already are one with life…

There is nothing you have to prove or defend or reach.

You already belong.

Relax in this remembering…

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