Spiritual Coaching over Skype – helping you awaken to who you are

Guiding you deeper into mindfulness, waking up and self-care, I help you to awaken to who you are beyond the entanglements of the stressful thinking and feeling that weighs you down.

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Safely braving the storms

On your path in life, you will encounter stressful storms. There is no way to escape it. This can happen through the actions of other people, circumstances or your own stressful thinking and feeling. I get that these storms can at times be really tough and seem overwhelming. Everyone faces such times and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. You too are a human being. That said getting caught up in these storms can cause poor decisions and reactions sabotaging your career success. It can also be seriously detrimental to your relationships and personal wellbeing (and you might have already experienced this). My essential service is to help you stay grounded as I guide you to radically shift the way you approach and navigate these stressful storms. Connected to the depth of your being you will get safely through it. You will remember that you have what it takes and that you had it all along.  You will see that no aspect of the storm or any loss you experienced defines who you are or takes away anything of your true worth. You will also get better equipped for future stressful storms as they will visit you again. Cultivating a sound mind on your journey (especially while others panic) is a superpower that every hero or heroine needs. No longer a victim of the storms that cross your path you will make the transformative impact on the world that is burning in your heart. Your authentic path is unfolding with a lighter load. And as an extra win, you will experience more contentment and peace of mind… 

Choosing life

While braving the stressful storms it is essential to take exceptional care of yourself. You may have found that it is in stressful times that you are more likely to neglect what is best for you and slide into destructive old habits (for example unhealthy boundaries). This is normal for all humans so please no need to judge yourself. And importantly you don’t have to face it alone. In addition to radically shifting the way you navigate the stressful storms of life, I will support you to consciously create a nurturing context that is do-able and sustainable wherever you find yourself today.

Email me (click here) to schedule an appointment (or for more information).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Renier Cronje

B.Th/M.Div/Consciousness Coaching Diploma/Integrative Enneagram Practitioner/Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor


Please note:

  • Spiritual Coaching does not replace any form of medical consultation or treatment.
  • The appropriate response to this moment always is to meet yourself with deep kindness.