“Renier was pivotal in my healing journey. His insightful and supportive coaching helped me to release emotional blockages. Renier, thank you for the empathy, love and support. You helped change my life for the better!”
Liezel – Business analyst

“Renier’s precise and powerful questions allowed me to perceive the ‘problem’ with a new perspective that opened up unforeseen possibilities while at the same time providing insight into the specificity of underlying dynamics. His invitation to form a self-empathic and inclusive attitude to a part of myself which I had disavowed shifted my whole relationship to this stuck space inside, softening and leading to immense relief and ultimately transformation.”
Alana – Psychologist

“I did a thorough Enneagram profiling with Renier Cronje. I have had the profile done before, but the result was different and the analysis was not as in-depth. What I have found is that the analysis is now so accurate. It’s not only who I wish I am, but also who I can’t help but be. As a result, the accurate reflection has helped me to make some life decisions, mostly to do with my career and some to do with personal relationships. It reaffirms my gut responses. On many an occasion in the past, I would have spent needless time and energy on things (not consciously, because I don’t stop to think much; I’m an action person, but the questions would have been there in the back of my mind, distracting me), and now I’m more certain about why I am on a particular life path and make my decisions much faster and with less time-wasting small daily regrets. If anything, it has made me more single-minded and more open-minded. In this mystery called life, knowing oneself is a life-long learning task. But this analysis has helped me to stop worrying about a myriad of small things.”
Elsibe – Writer & Editor