Plant-Based Health

Plant-based health consulting is an optional service for people who want to learn more about the optimum way of eating for disease prevention, arresting and reversal. It is about using food as the main form of medicine while still working with your medical practitioner for adjusting treatment and medications as required.

Whole Food Plant Based eating is about eating at least 90% of your diet from WHOLE plant foods. This means eating an abundance of fruits, starchy and non-starchy veggies, grains and legumes without any calorie counting/restriction. It is, for example, the only way of eating that has been proven to consistently reverse heart disease in most patients. Besides creating healthier biochemistry, it also supports more clarity of mind.

At least 70% of western illnesses like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer are foodborne illnesses connected to too much animal food products (anything with a mother or a face: beef, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy) and processed foods.

You are continuously being influenced by your environment and the food you eat is consistently your closest and most impactful contact with your environment. In a year you move approximately a ton of food through your body. So if you are thinking that food doesn’t really make an impact on the health of your body I invite you to reconsider.

Plants store life-giving energy from the sun and are full of fibre and nutrients supporting your vitality and protecting your body against a variety of diseases. When you eat lots of animal products you are eating 2nd hand energy without all the nutrients and fibre putting unnecessary strain on your body.

Although Whole Food Plant Based is very simple, it is also easy to miss its simplicity between all the conflicting messages in our society regarding food, sickness and health. To make sure you are following it correctly and for your own clarity and peace of mind, it can be very beneficial to book a consultation.