No regrets…

Good day,

Here a beautiful poem by Jeff Foster that I’d like to share for your reflection.

I invite you to listen to how your body responds…

What do you sense in your body?

What comes up for you?


I wish I’d loved less.
Kept my heart closed to intimacy.

I wish I’d been more distracted,
more in my head, less in my body.
Felt less. Planned more.
Travelled less. Taken fewer risks.

I wish I’d laughed less.
Taken life far more seriously.
Been less spontaneous, playful.

I wish I’d found out all the answers.
Or not asked so many questions.

I wish I’d felt less joy.
Cried fewer tears.
Felt less heartache.
Been more untouchable.

Taken the path of safety and comfort.
Stayed within the confines of the known.
Followed the Way prescribed by others.

I wish I hadn’t slowed down so many times
to take in all the glory.

I wish I’d been less alive.

Said no-one, ever.”

~ Jeff Foster

Consider that you are worthy and deserving of listening to yourself.

Consider that you are worthy and deserving of feeling alive.

Much love,

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