No need to compare…

Good day,

Do you ever compare yourself to other people and think or feel inferior? Do you ever reflect on your life and doubt your own worth and/or significance?

Few sayings I’ve found to be as true as “Comparison is the root of all inferiority.”.

May you remember that there is no other person on this planet with the unique combination of gifts that you have. You are just as worthy and significant as any other human being on this planet. No exception!

May you remember that no event or action/inaction of another person can ever change this. Neither can your physical figure or bank balance alter it in any way.

Question for your reflection:
Keeping in mind that nothing and no one can touch your inherent worth and significance:

  • How will your work and personal life look and feel differently in every moment going forward?

Have a lovely week!

Inner-Awareness Coach

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