Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do online coaching?

Yes, I do one-to-one sessions over Zoom.

Time duration of a session?

On average 45-60min.

What benefits can I expect?

(these are related to the nature of the coaching conversations and framework irrespective of your coaching objective)

– sustainable work performance, effectiveness & creativity
– more productive & clear thinking
– increased self-awareness & EQ
– improved leadership and people skills
– reduced levels of mental and emotional strain/stress
– enhanced wellbeing & mental health
– greater sense of happiness & peace of mind

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Cost of a session?

  • Private international clients: US $120/session
  •  Private South African clients: R850/session (paying from a South-African bank account)

I do realise that these are for many people challenging times and I’m open to negotiating a monthly rate that you can afford.

I’m interested in your coaching. What do I do?

  1. You can email me at or fill in the contact page to book your free discovery call (15min). For the contact page click here. 
  2. Book your first coaching session.
  3. Start to enjoy more peace of mind.

At what intervals are sessions recommended?

Sessions are normally either one or two weeks apart.

How many sessions are recommended?

On average 5 sessions are needed for meaningful shifts to happen.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of sessions?

  • No. You can book one session at a time. Please note you can’t expect any quick fixes with just one session.
  • You can discontinue your sessions at any point during your coaching journey.

When do I pay?

  1. A minimum of 50% deposit is required to book your first session & you pay the balance after the session.
  2. Thereafter the full amount is required for booking any session or package.

Cancellation of a session

A 48-hour cancellation notice applies.