I offer one-to-one online coaching as a nourishing pitstop for your well-being. Don’t let your mental clarity, work performance & creativity get sabotaged by your stressful or self-critical thoughts. Come clear your mind for quality & productive thinking and maintain your sense of well-being to prevent the detrimental effects of stress and burnout.

Despite what you are currently facing, I’m here to support you to go deeper into your power, clarity and contentment.

– Going through a stressful transition at work or in your personal life?
– Do you need support for mindfully managing a chronic disease or your mental health?
– Facing low self-esteem or confidence?
– Finding yourself quite often stuck in anger, fear or shame?
– Struggling with meaning-making or sensemaking in an ever-changing world?
– You want to integrate and embody more growth?

The patterns of thinking that create strain or suffering in our lives are mostly automatic and within our blindspots. If you want to grow and release mental and emotional strain it is thus truly beneficial to have a kind and non-judgemental “mirror” to help you see and live beyond your self-judging thinking patterns and allow more of your authentic self in the process.

Whether you just started your journey or have already been on a self-awareness journey for many years, my coaching is a powerful support and catalyst for your growth and sense of wellbeing.

What benefits can you expect?

(these are related to the nature of the coaching conversations and framework irrespective of your coaching objective)

– sustainable work performance, effectiveness & creativity
– more productive & clear thinking
– increased self-awareness & EQ
– improved leadership and people skills
– reduced levels of mental and emotional strain/stress
– enhanced wellbeing & mental health
– greater sense of happiness and peace of mind

My coaching focuses on…
1) …helping you to radically shift the way you relate to negative and self-judging thoughts to cultivate deep and healing self-acceptance while radically reducing mental and emotional strain.
2) …helping you wake up to whom you are beyond the negative thoughts appearing in your mind for true freedom and peace of mind.
3) …helping you to create a sustainable self-caring context for your life to thrive.

In self-development jargon: I’m here to guide you deeper into mindfulness, waking-up and self-care. And the invitation not to get stuck on any definition of “what should happen”. I’m here to support you with what you currently need most.

In the words of the Sufi poet Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there…”


For your reflection:

You can only regulate what you are aware of.

What you are not aware of can sabotage your success, leadership style and/or happiness & peace of mind.

As a human, we all have a limited perspective on reality. The more self-aware we become, the more we can compensate for our own blindspots and can we become more open and inclusive to the perspective and insights of our fellow humans. In the workplace, this translates to better performance as you become a healthier leader with higher levels of emotional intelligence that enables more clear and quality thinking, wiser responses and more effective and sustainable team dynamics.