Remember who you are…

Remember who you are. An intricate part of the divine flow. Like the branch is already a part of the tree, you already belong. Nothing to do. Nothing to believe. Only to remember. Sometimes the branch forgets it is part of the tree. Leaves come and go. Flowers come and go. Storms come and go. […]

The desert invite…

Welcome to the great undoing. The desert will find you. It arrives on its own time despite your fantasies of how life should play out. Surrender to the inevitable. Beware it will strip you of what is not you. Of what is serving you no more. Of everything, you don’t need. Away from all your […]

Your worth can not be measured.

Who or what determines if you are worthy? On what grounds and according to whose criteria? Think about this for a moment… Important to notice here that the moment you start measuring your worth you start entering the domain of subjective storytelling. In essence, whether you think you are worthy or not is just a story […]

Write your 2020

How did 2019 serve the story of your life? What plot are you choosing for 2020? I’m sure you’ve been through quite a variety of pleasant and unpleasant experiences this past year! In this post, I support you to get the lessons out of 2019 and clarity for framing your 2020 plot. Closing the 2019 […]

More of what?

In mindfulness circles the word more kind of has a bad reputation. This I regard as quite appropriate in our consumerist society where most people unconsciously measure their own worth against their ability to acquire more wealth and/or material possessions. I just celebrated my 39th birthday and want to focus on the positive side of more:  I’m […]

Meeting Miss Daisy

I had the privilege of meeting Miss Daisy while taking my friend’s dog for a walk this past Saturday. She is such a joyful soul and crept straight into my heart… Daisy’s life recently took an unexpected turn: Two weeks ago she got hit by a car while running across the road full of excitement […]