Mindfulness: A way to get off the train…

Have you ever had the sense that you got kidnapped by your fearful thinking and feeling? I certainly have and still have to catch myself quite often! Getting kidnapped by your fearful thinking and feeling is like getting on a high-speed train without knowing you are on the train, towards a destination you have no […]

No regrets…

Good day, Here a beautiful poem by Jeff Foster that I’d like to share for your reflection. I invite you to listen to how your body responds… What do you sense in your body? What comes up for you? NO REGRETS I wish I’d loved less. Kept my heart closed to intimacy. I wish I’d […]

Postponing/suppressing (my) life?

Good day, This past week I had to say goodbye to a fellow human. I didn’t know him that well, yet I always experienced him as a kindred spirit living his authentic journey. Usually, I’m pretty much at peace when people move on, and this time it was different. It was someone my age with a […]

No need to compare…

Good day, Do you ever compare yourself to other people and think or feel inferior? Do you ever reflect on your life and doubt your own worth and/or significance? Few sayings I’ve found to be as true as “Comparison is the root of all inferiority.”. May you remember that there is no other person on this […]

What if you do not choose your thoughts?

The purpose of this clip is for you to see that you do not choose the thoughts that appear in your mind. So often people feel guilty or judge themselves for the things they think. The problem comes in with what thoughts we choose to believe… Research questions: What if you are not responsible for […]