Hello, my name is Renier and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been on an authentic journey of personal and spiritual growth for more than 25 years and regard it as a privilege to support individuals on their journey of healing and transformation.



  1. 2004 Masters in Divinity – University of Stellenbosch
  2. 2011 Professional Consciousness Coaching diploma (accredited with International Coaching Federation) – Creative Consciousness International
  3. 2012 Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner – Integrative9

What moves me?

What moves my heart most is all the unnecessary suffering that so many people endure in the prison of their own minds. This I say from a place of empathy as I knew that prison too well, where I was constantly judging myself and found myself not good enough without knowing a way out. Everything I write about online to this day relates to the things I still need to apply and keep in check. Cultivating authentic well-being is a habit and it asks for different things from day to day and season to season. It is in this sense that I also honour the uniqueness of each client and what they currently need.


Spirituality is my first love and I define it today as any practice that is nurturing to their breath or that helps you to connect to who you really are. I grew up in and got my theological training in western protestant Christianity. In my late twenties, I started exploring other eastern traditions looking for answers and relief as I was battling with mental and emotional strain (this included many years of depression). You could probably summarise my spiritual journey as full of reliefs and insights but also full of disillusionment. I learned over time that no one person or group have all the answers or a full understanding of “the truth”. The latter continues to give me the courage to remain intellectually honest while giving my clients the space to follow their own conviction and path. Over the years my worldview has become more secular and inclusive while embracing the symbolic meanings of the various spiritual traditions I explored.

In the words of the poet Rumi:

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing
and right-doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there…”

People who greatly influenced my approach to life and healing

Eckhart Tolle, Sam Harris, Adyashanti, Byron Katie & Rupert Spira.

My Mission

My mission to humankind is to help one individual at a time to let go of their self-judgement irrespective of where they find themselves today and to experience the freedom and joy of being themselves.

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