Coaching for your wellBEING

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Let’s adventure beyond all your thinking and feeling that is disconnecting you from who you are and creating your misery.

Your life starts and ends with your breath. And taking care of your breath is all that truly matters and all you really need for living. And your body keeps you alive by breathing oxygen without you ever having to think about it. You are a human BEING and not a human doing. The great news that you don’t need wealth, success or the respect and acceptance of others. There is no need to chase after anything. Life is actually very simple. And living simply ironically the most difficult thing in our complex and highly driven modern world.

Anything that you do that is nurturing for your breath is a spiritual practice (I like to keep things simple). Looking at the Greek and Latin the word spirit means breath. It is in this sense that I’m a spiritual coach supporting you with consciously creating a life that is nurturing to your breath… supporting you to create a life around what is most essential for your wellBEING. It does not require you to believe anything and you are welcome to incorporate it within your worldview.

Irrespective of your busy monkey mind and all the negative or self-judging thoughts that might be running through it, know that in the depth of your BEING, you are already whole and enough exactly as you are in this moment. You are one with life. In religious language, you already are one with God. Your ego illusions, however, tell a different story.

It is time for you to go home.

Lots of love,
Renier Cronje

B.Th/M.Div/Consciousness Coaching Diploma

 Contact me to start your authentic wellBEING journey (click here)


Please note:

  • Reflectioneer Coaching does not replace any form of medical consultations or treatment.
  • The appropriate response to this moment always is to meet yourself with deep kindness.