Counter-intuitive coaching for your wellBEING

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(cultivating nourishing thinkingbeingness and emotional & spiritual intelligence)

Are you sitting with stressful thoughts or feelings that are draining your precious energy? My essential service is to help you go beyond these thoughts and feelings cultivating more serenity, contentment and groundedness for a better quality life and for allowing more joy. It is a law of nature: to the extent you get entangled with the stressful thoughts and feelings appearing in your awareness, you create suffering. Just like if you jump off a building, gravity will take you to the ground. My role is to support you on this adventure into your true BEINGness that lacks nothing in this moment of life.


(cultivating nourishing action)

Are many of your daily activities nourishing to the precious life within you? If you are not consciously creating space for things that are healthy for you, you are most probably getting (unconsciously) dragged along by all the expectations and priorities of other people as well as the promises of happiness as offered by a world filled with options of instant gratification. I’m here to support you to consciously co-create with life in a way that is nourishing and meaningful for you. It is about creating space and deciding what is best for you. For those interested in learning what dietary pattern to follow to prevent, stop or reverse most diseases I also offer consulting on whole food plant-based nutrition.

It is time to make space for your wellBEING.

Yes, you deserve it.

This is true no matter what you have done or not done in your past and no matter where you find yourself today.

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Lots of love,
B.Th/M.Div/Consciousness Coaching Diploma/Integrative Enneagram Practitioner/Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor


Please note:

  • Reflectioneer Coaching does not replace any form of medical consultations or treatment.
  • The appropriate response to this moment always is to meet yourself with deep kindness.